Sushi Roll Tall Key West

Sushi Roll Tall Key West

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Sushi Roll with more height!

Our soft Sushi Roll Tall cushion is slimmer, unique and adapts to any purpose. The combination of our high-quality polyester balls in a slimmer shape makes sitting as comfortable as floating on a cloud, a cloud that improves our posture, which we desperately need when we spend a lot of time working at our desks. It's perfect choice for your work-space.


The cover is made of recycled wool, an ultra-comfortable fabric that is very durable. Nevertheless, he feels naturally soft and looks elegant. This wool is sustainable because the yarns are recycled from wool remnants and woven again. The material is stain and dirt repellent.

The cover of the Sushi Roll Tall from our Key West collection is made of lightweight polyester fabric with a smooth, matte finish with the feel and look of cotton. This fabric is water and dirt repellent. You can choose from a range of modern colors.

  • Size: 40 x 52 cm (diameter x height)
  • Cover: Waterproof, removable, easy-care, washable 30 °
  • Inner cover made of cotton
  • Filling: ca.100l freshly frothed EPS pearls
  • Low noise EPS in the best quality
  • Indoor / Outdoor suitable


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