Sushi Roll Extreme

Sushi Roll Extreme

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Our Classic Soft Cushion

Sushi Roll is our perfect multifunctional seat cushion. It serves as a seat as well as a side table or footstool. A great companion to a sofa, chair or work table. It is easy and easy to use even for children. The height of 40 cm allows you to sit comfortably and not burden your legs! Recommended for adults and children.


The covers of our Extreme collection are made of nylon, which is tear and abrasion resistant. The robust properties of this fabric stand for lasting and long-lasting durability. Our Extreme products can be used both indoors and outdoors because they are dirt and water repellent. The fabric is Ökotex certified.

  • Inner cover made of cotton
  • Filling: ca.100l freshly frothed EPS beads
  • Low noise EPS in the best quality
  • Indoor / outdoor suitable

Color Extreme